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Skin care each woman’s skin is different. Some people have sensitive skin, prone to allergic reactions. Or eating the wrong type of food may cause a rash or acne. Many young women have very oily skin. Especially in the hot weather. The face is even more oily. Have to rely on blotting paper throughout the day. For girls with dry skin No matter what season it is, you will still have dry skin. The lucky girl is likely to be a girl with normal skin. No matter what the weather is like cannot harm her skin.

When talking about skin type, would like to come and talk with the ladies. There are different skin types. Who is looking for the right way to care for your skin? To avoid skin problems And to get healthy skin,ยูฟ่าเบท recommend it.

Sensitive Skin is skin that is more sensitive to irritation from the environment than general skin conditions. Causes itching, irritation, and redness. People with sensitive skin therefore need to pay attention to choosing skin care products that are gentle formulas.

  • Skin care method: For sensitive skin Choose products that are free of chemicals. Free from skin irritants Or is it a product that is specifically designe for sensitive skin?

Normal skin is skin that is balance, not too dry, not too oily. Normal skin tends to have a smooth appearance, small pores, soft skin, and healthy-looking skin. There are no problems with oiliness or dryness. and usually do not have acne problems

  • How to care for your skin: For normal skin You should choose to use facial cleansing products. That doesn’t make the skin dry, tight or too oily. Using a nourishing cream that helps maintain moisture. and protection by using sunscreen To protect the skin from UV rays

Oily Skin is a characteristic of skin that has oil glands beneath the surface of the skin. There is too much oil being produce. Makes the facial skin shiny. It was more greasy during the day than usual. which causes oily skin It can be cause by genetics, large pores, environment, or washing your face too often. and the use of inappropriate skin care products or those containing oils Makes the skin more oily.

  • How to care for your skin: For people with oily skin You should focus on cleaning your skin to reduce excess oil. Use skin care products that help control oil. Nourish your skin with products that contain oil-free moisturizers. and does not cause blockage

Combination skin is a type of skin that has differences between the T-zone and the cheeks. During the T-zone area (forehead, nose, chin), the skin will produce more excess oil than usual. While the skin on the cheeks will be dry. Causes of combination skin Originated from the T-zone area The skin produces more oil than normal. For dry areas Caused by dehydrated skin The skin is out of balance.

  • How to care for your skin: For combination skin, choose products for gentle facial cleansing. Focus on adding moisture to the skin. And choose skin care products that are suitable for both oily and dry skin.

Dry skin is skin that produces little oil to nourish the skin. As a result, the skin appears dry, cracked, flaky, and lacking in moisture. which causes dry skin In addition to genetics It is also caused by many factors such as the weather, skin cleaning products that contain ingredients that cause dry skin, age, and lack of moisture in the skin. and not drinking enough water

  • How to care for your skin: For people with dry skin You should give importance to taking care of your skin with nourishing creams that have ingredients that help in maintaining moisture. Prevent water loss And avoid factors that make the skin more dry, such as using products that make the skin more dry. Living in a dry climate And there’s too much sunshine.