What is Clean Eating?

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What is Clean Eating?

Simply put, it is eating food that is fresh, clean, or cooked in a way. That maintains its natural state as much as possible. That is, with less seasoning. through a simple process No additives or add any chemicals. for food preservation Avoid fermented foods, artificial colors and flavors. Including avoiding junk food or junk food semi-finished food greasy food Foods that we know better are unhealthy.

Some people define clean eating as avoiding greasy, spicy. And avoiding prepared foods that often contain MSG, sodium, or other synthetic substances. Which is to say, it’s right.

But… clean eating is not eating like this!

Which one is not eating clean? It’s the kind that eats only vegetables. or something Anything with a little seasoning, I don’t eat at all. Like this, it’s too “clean”.

The dangers of eating clean

  1. Lack of nutrients because if you eat clean in the wrong way Eat the same food over and over again, or eat only vegetables, no protein, carbohydrates, or essential vitamins. have the right to lack nutrients
  2. Asking for a disease. Alright, eat clean. have such a disease. This disease is called “Orthorexia” (Orthorexia) The name seems relative of Anorexia. but not crazy about skinny Just crazy about being healthy too much very strict in eating Accurately count calories On what day do you eat more than your goal? I will punish myself by skipping the next meal. or exercising harder, back and forth, obsession with one’s own health. Will make the relationship with those around you worse. Spending time focusing on food exercise stay with yourself No interaction with people around Until finally, it may become crazy and thin and become anorexia as well.
  3. Risk of getting more pesticide residues. Because people eat clean. There is often a salad with fresh vegetables in the meal. If the vegetables are not clean or eating vegetables from sources that use a lot of chemicals may have the right to receive more chemical residues than normal people
  4. Clean food is not real. that may be prepared for a long time through the sweltering heat for several hours May cause food to spoil easily, not clean, not really fresh, risking diarrhea or food allergies as well

Read and don’t be shocked. If you choose to eat clean and fit. Don’t be too hard on yourself, reduce oily, salty, sweet, but still eat all 5 food groups, Exercise regularly. and get enough rest Guarantee. That it will not difficult for both the mind, body and money in the pocket as you think for sure.

Will eat clean How can a poor pensioner be able to keep his eyes wide open? and buy boiled pork blood with plain rice to eat clean (Bowl style) instead

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