Atletico Madrid seal hopes to cut Barca sign Carlos Soler.

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Carlos Soler is set to leave Valencia this summer only to end up with either Barcelona or Atletico Madrid. Atletico Madrid are reportedly working on a deal to sign 25-year-old Valencia midfielder Carlos Soler. Ahead of Barcelona’s move to the Camp Nu. According to the previous news. As reported by Mundo de Portivo on Thursday. 

Atletico coach Diego Simeone wants to sign Soler to bring in the 25-year-old midfielder to help spark the midfield. With Jorge Resurrexion Koke and Rod Rico de Paul’s performances last season. Were not too impressive. But Atletico Madrid still have to compete with Barcelona. ​​Who are hoping to replace Frenkie de Jong. UFABET Likely to move to football with Manchester United as well.

Soler is under contract until 2023, scoring 11 goals and providing five assists in 32 games last season. With Valencia demanding around €20 million for the 25-year-old midfielder. Leaving the Mestaya this summer.

Atletico Madrid are reportedly in talks to sign Valencia midfielder Carlos Soler. But they need to sell some players first.

The 25-year-old is out of contract with the club in 2023 amid the drama that he received death threats from the management team. So there is a high possibility that he will not renew and may have to move immediately this summer.

Latest reports from Tribuna Deportiva reveal that it is Atletico that they have progressed negotiations with the Atletico and are still the favorites to bring the player to the team this summer.