‘Firmino’ reveals ‘Bang Mo-Mane’ are not best friends.

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Former Liverpool striker Roberto Firmino reveals Mo Salah and Sadio Mane are not best friends. And between the pair there was always tension. In which he had to take on the responsibility of clearing the mind of

Firmino, who served the “Reds” for 8 years until this summer, moving to Al Ahly of the Saudi league and last Thursday. His biography book has been released. Some of which mentioned the relationship between Salah and Mane.

“I know both Salah and Mane very well. Maybe I know them better than anyone,” the 32-year-old Brazil player began writing. “Mane

and Salah is not a close friend. They each have their own world. And it was rare to see the two of them talking. I don’t know if it’s because of the rivalry between Egypt and Senegal in the continental competition or not

. They both showed great professionalism.”

The conflict between the pair More attention was paid to the game against Burnley in August 2019, with Mane showing signs of frustration after Salah refused to pass the ball to Charger point-blank.

“Some people think that Mane clashed with Salah the first time against Burnley and some people think it was the last time,” Firmino added. “But I know there was tension between them

. together since the season before that and my instincts Tell yourself to defuse the situation, you have to use water to extinguish the fire – not oil.” “

On the field, I am the one standing in the middle between them. I was the first to see their facial expressions, body language, and dissatisfaction. When they’re angry at each other, “

I can feel that anger. And in addition to being a coordinator in the field I also act like a firefighter.”

The coordination of the attacking trio helped Jurgen Klopp’s side win the Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup until Mane The first person moved out in 2022.

“I never choose a side. That’s why they both love me. I always give them the ball. For me, the team’s victory is the most important,” Firmino continued. ทางเข้า https://ufabet999.com/

“I don’t know if Salah knows or not. But he often frustrates everyone when he doesn’t pass the ball. I can handle this situation better than most people.”

“Klopp talked about this problem in front of everyone. He’s clearly focused on Salah, but over the years Mo has improved a lot on that. “

Mane is the one with the most intensity. Both in good times and bad. So I always talk to him. to give advice And try to relax ′

′ Many people focus on what I do tactically. But perhaps in human relationships My role may be just as important.”

“If I don’t do this duty anymore, On the field, there would be only storms between the two. And maybe that’s why Klopp switches his hair out as often as possible. The three of us have different personalities. Boss knows that I won’t throw water bottles on the floor or anything like that.”

“If I have any concerns, I’ll talk to my boss privately. So when a replacement is needed, it’s easier to take Bobby off than to irritate the other two.”