‘Hoylund’ guarantees the Red Devils’ players are backing ETH

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Manchester United striker Rasmus Hoylund extends his arms to defend Dutch boss Erik ten Hag. Confirmed that he definitely did not see sawing off the legs of the chair.

A 4-3 defeat to FC Copenhagen in the Champions League group stage last night put Ten Hag back under pressure after appearing to have no chance of qualifying.

This is the 9th defeat in 17 games played this season. Amid doubts that the players might clash with the former Ajax boss,

when asked about the boss, Hoylund replied: “He’s a very good coach. He pays attention to every detail. “

“He helped me a lot. It gives me a lot of confidence and always supports me. “

I think every player in the dressing room supports him. I hope it’s just a matter of time. (Before United The first 30 minutes of today were our best football of the season. ” สมัคร ufabet

This is a special game for me. Scoring two goals is good. But saying that, it’s a shame we got a red card. Because we were playing well in the first 20-25 minutes, we need some luck now. We missed out on small things.”

“For me, Hearing the FC Copenhagen song before the game was something special. But I’m playing for Manchester United. This is a team I hope to win every match. “It’s

frustrating (to score but lose), but I can’t do much. Football is like this.”