Manchester City booked for a Phillips physical examination.

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Calvin Phillips, England midfielder He is schedule to undergo a medical with Manchester City football team on Friday. Before the official launch.

Manchester City have reach an agreement to sign Phillips from Leeds United for a fee of 45 million pounds to represent Fernandinho. The veteran midfielder move back to his hometown to join his former team Atletico Pararenze.

Calvin Phillips is reportedly set to travel to Manchester City for a medical on Friday July 1. Before signing and make his official debut UFABET.

Roaring Lions Central Midfielder Will become a new player for the Blues. The second of this summer after Erling Haaland. Who move from Borussia Dortmund for a fee of 51 million pounds. Julian Alvarez’s move come in the winter before being loan back to River Plate.

Aside from Phillips, new goalkeeper Stefan Orteta is also close to make his debut. Following a free transfer from Armenia Bielefeld.

Calvin Phillips has emerged as an England international who has performed impressively in the opening game of the Roaring Lions. The European Championship ( Euro 2020 ) with a 1-0 win over Croatia via Raheem Sterling’s tone goal with Phillips.

He was born and raised in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Referred to in football training with Academy Wortley before being drawn to the army’s football academy from 2010 when he was 15,

Phillips spent four years thereafter. He debuted for Leeds United’s senior team at the age of 19 during the Championship, before becoming a key player in Yungthong’s two seasons later.