‘Newcastle’ should get the winning goal in the Gunners match.

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independent committee Premier League analysts voted mostly to confirm Newcastle United’s winning goal over Arsenal in last Saturday’s game. It was the correct decision.

Miguel Arteta, the manager of the “Cannon”, criticized the referee for doing a shameful thing. From the moment Anthony Gordon’s goal was approved after VAR. Led by Andy Madeley, considered both late goals.

Offsides and fouls and found them to be clean, Arsenal lost at St James’s. Park 1-0 then one day later The club issued a statement expressing their support for Arteta because he could not accept the decision either. http://ufabet999.com

Meanwhile, the Premier League established an independent committee of five people to consider the timing of problems each week. and last Thursday They voted 4-1 that Newcastle deserved the goal.

The committee gave reasons. There was insufficient evidence to suggest that Newcastle’s side were behind or in an offside position. While Joalinton touched Gabriel Magalhaes with his hand after the Arsenal defender. I have tried to play with the ball. Therefore, it was not a foul.

However, the committee unanimously decided that Arsenal’s Kai Havertz should have received a red card for his tackle on Sean Longstaff in the 36th minute. The committee also voted

3- 2 Believe Newcastle’s Bruno Guimaraes should also be sack. The moment he used his forearm to hit Jorginho’s head before the end of the first half,

the committee said. It consists of three former players and coaches, along with representatives from the Premier League and refereeing bodies. one more thing

games in the same week The committee also voted unanimously. Confirming that Sheffield United should not have been awarded a penalty in stoppage time, which helped the “Double Swords” unlock their first win of the season over Wolves 2-1, another pair filled

with The problem was that Tottenham lost 4-1 to Chelsea at home, which the committee found that the decision was correct, except that Destiny Udoghi, the “Golden Spurs” full-back, should have received a red card at half time. first Charged with attacking Raheem Sterling