Pioli happy with beautiful win but emphasizes the game is not over yet.

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AC Milan coach Stefano Pioli is happy with the victory in the latest match. But he believes his own and his team’s work is not finished yet and encourages everyone to concentrate on the second game.

The Red Devils defeated Rennes 3-0 at home in the first Europa League play-off round on Thursday. The second game is set to travel to France next week.

“After the disappointment in the Champions League, we have set ourselves the goal of starting in the Europa League play-offs.” Pioli told Sky Sports ทางเข้า UFABET

“The team played well. But it won’t be easy against Rennes, who are dangerous on the counter and in good form. This was a great advantage from the first match. But we know anything can happen in football and we need to be fully focused in the second match.

“We didn’t expect (Benjamin) Bouricaud (Rennes midfielder) to close inside so much. Causing (Rafael) Leao to finish the game chasing the opponent several times. And that’s not his strong point.

“The Rennes coach (Julien Stéphane) did a smart job on this. So we ordered [Yunus] Musah to chase Bouricaud and for Theo Hernandez to deal with the opposing full-backs.”

The game ended, AC Milan defeated Rennes 3-0, with the second match traveling to France next week.