Rolfes is confident Moussa Diaby will be at the drug store next season.

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Simone Rolfes, Bayer sporting director Leverkusen are confident Moussa Diaby will continue to be a player at the football club next season. Unless there’s a good offer coming.

Previously, reports indicated that several clubs were very interest in the French winger. After the player produced 13 goals and 12 assists in 32 Bundesliga games last season.

Still, Rolfes remains optimistic and is confident the 22-year-old will continue playing for the drugstore next season. UFABET Unless there is an offer that is difficult to refuse.

“I’m optimistic about Moussa’s case that. He will play here again next season. But if the club receives a huge offer in exchange for the opportunity to acquire such a great player. Sometimes we have to sell top players.”

Moussa Diaby is contract to Leverkusen until 2025. With reports suggesting the drugstore will negotiate if an offer of at least €60m comes to the club.

Moussa Diaby was given the opportunity to play for the French national team for the first time in 2016-2017, playing for the national team at the U-18 youth level. Playing 11 times , in 2017-21018  under the age group. Over 19 years, playing more than 16 times. And in 2018 the youth under 20 years played more than 3 times, as for the results of the French national team. The senior team has not had the opportunity to participate in the event.