True or not? Eating chocolate causes acne.

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I believe that chocolate is a favorite of many people because in addition to being a drink, It is also processed into a variety of delicious products. Which is often heard among chocolate lovers. Or have many people warned you that “Eating chocolate and be careful of getting acne.”

many people get acne after eating chocolate: It’s not that eating chocolate won’t cause acne at all. Because there are many people who eat chocolate and get acne. Or if you eat it and your acne gets worse. The reason why many people eat chocolate and get acne is because Chocolate contains a mixture of milk and sugar. And what about sugar-free milk? It is the one that stimulates our skin to produce too much oil. So it makes acne easier than usual. 

Another reason This is because both milk and sugar will increase the Glycemic Index or blood sugar level. When blood sugar levels rise Our skin becomes more easily inflamed. causing problems with oily face And it stimulates us to get acne easily. Therefore, for anyone who really likes to eat chocolate but is afraid or doesn’t want to get acne. It is ทางเข้า ufabet recommend to eat it with dark chocolate. No acne and is also useful.

In summary, a simple explanation is that chocolate does not directly cause acne. But the milk and sugar in chocolate are the triggers that make us easily get acne.

So how to eat chocolate in a way that is suitable for the body.

Choose to eat chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa, 70% or more, the better. Or choose to eat dark chocolate, which is better than milk or white chocolate. Do not eat chocolate with snacks or other desserts, such as not eating it with ice cream, cake, cookies, waffles, etc. because it will cause you to gain energy both from the dessert and from the chocolate itself. It may cause the energy to be too high. and can make you fat.

You should choose to eat chocolate with unsweetened drinks, such as tea without milk and no added sugar or herbal water without added sugar. Choose small pieces of chocolate. In each bite, instead choose a large piece.

Eat chocolate slowly, letting it melt in your mouth. It will help you get more chocolate flavor. and will affect feelings It causes the brain to perceive happiness. Even if eaten in small quantities But if you chew and swallow quickly The temperature in the body is higher than the melting point of chocolate, causing the chocolate to not taste as good as it should. The brain still doesn’t know happiness. therefore needing even more chocolate in quantity causing the energy to be too high.