AC Milan crushes Rennes 3-0 in Europa play-off.

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AC Milan defeated Rennes 3-0 at home in the first leg of the Europa League play-off round. At San Siro is the first Europa League play-off game between the Red Devils and Rennes. 

After 6 minutes, the Rossoneri narrowly took the lead from a long layup. Allowing Rafael Leao to rest before dragging him in to press with his right hand in the penalty area. The ball ricocheting off the defender and crashing hard into the crossbar.

Milan took a 1-0 lead in the 32nd minute. Alessandro Florenzi’s cross from the right flew into the head of Ruben Loftus-Cheek. Shaking his head and wiping it out, sending the ball into the far post. ทางเข้า UFABET

The second half played for less than 3 full minutes and the home team led 2-0. Theo Hernandez opened for Simon Gayar to head in and save Steph Mandanda. But Ruben Lof was out Tas-Cheek charged and sent the ball into the net. 

That was not enough, in the 53rd minute the Rossoneri scored another goal this time. Theo Hernandez came in from the left and cut inside to reach Rafael Leao. Pressing with the right, leaving no remains 3-0. 

Playing until the 73rd minute, the Red and Black Devils missed another shot when Christian Pulisic shot the first shot. And was saved by Steph Mandanda and Noah Okafor followed up again but was still blocked.

The game ended, AC Milan defeated Rennes 3-0, with the second match traveling to France next week.