‘Klopp’ admits ‘Swans’ form is more worrying than VAR

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp believes VAR should have approved the goal they scored to equalize against Toulouse in stoppage time because it was not a handball incident. But I admit there are more things to worry about. This is the performance of the team. In the attacking game, losing 3-2 last Thursday, ufabet https://ufabet999.com/

the “Reds” were ahead by two scores. Then they chased until they were almost able to share the points back to their homeland. In the 90+7th minute, Jarel Quansah added a shot into the net, but it was retaken by VAR because it was considered that the previous moment was Alexis Mac Allis. Tor made a handball.

In the end, Liverpool ended with a defeat in France, not winning any competition for the second time in a row and even though they were still leading the group. But still have to wait for guarantee of qualifying for the next round of the Europa League.

Klopp gave a post-game interview at the Stadium de Toulouse amid the sound of the home fans’ victory chants loudly penetrating into the reception room. Until the German coach Start by expressing dissatisfaction.

“Who thought of holding media interviews here? That would be an interesting question. This event was as organized as our performance on the field…” “

I’ve seen the slowdown. For me, it was 100 percent a goal because it wasn’t Mac Allister’s handball.” “

The ball hit his chest. Mac Allister and to be honest I didn’t see the ball touch his arm… But how can I decide?

“Perhaps the referee will consider the picture from a different angle. And another interesting thing is We scored a goal quite a long time after this happened

. Tonight my main concern It depends on our playing form. We have to develop a lot. We are focused and have given everything. But the problem is the wrong decisions in many moments ′

′ We lost the ball too easily, while Toulouse won the one-on-one duel in almost every moment. And they should have won. If you get an equalizing goal We probably feel better than this. But we must accept the results as they deserved to happen.”